Crowns in Boynton Beach, FL.


Dental crown works as a cap for your damaged tooth. It helps to restore your teeth’ strength, shape, and size and improve its appearance. It encases the visible portion of your teeth above the gumline. If you have damaged teeth and are thinking about getting dental crowns, then contact us at Dorri’s Dental.

Why do you need a dental crown?

A dental crown can serve a lot of purposes including:

  • It helps to protect a weak tooth from breaking.

  • It holds together parts of cracked teeth.

  • It can help in restoring teeth that are already broken or those that have been severely worn down.

  • In order to cover or support a tooth with a large filling.

  • To hold on to a dental bridge.

  • To cover misshapen teeth.

  • To hide stained teeth.

  • To cover dental implants.

How long does a dental crown last?

A dental crown basically helps to make a lot of cosmetic modifications. But not everyone can get a crown; it depends on their dental conditions. Your dentist will conduct a thorough examination and then will decide the right treatment solution for you.

A dental crown can last somewhere between 5 and 15 years. The life span of the crown depends on how you care for it. It also depends on your oral habits like grinding teeth, chewing on hard substances, etc. along with the “wear and tear” of the equipment. It is important to remember that maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine is very important. Just because you have a crown on your teeth, it does not mean that it is protected from cavities and decays. So continue following your brushing and flossing schedule. Also, rinse your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash.


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