Periodontal Maintenance Cleaning

Periodontal Maintenance Cleaning

Periodontal Maintenance Cleanings in Boynton Beach, FL.


Periodontal maintenance cleaning involves cleaning your teeth thoroughly. These deep cleanings are essential to prevent your teeth from different types of periodontal diseases. If you want to get your teeth professionally cleaned by our certified hygienists or doctors, schedule an appointment at Dorri’s Dental.

What Periodontal problems can occur?

Gingivitis and periodontal diseases mainly occur when plaque is formed above or below the gum lines. The bacteria from the plaque causes severe inflammation and irritation. If the condition is not treated on time, then the plaque bacteria can destroy the gum and the bone tissue. This can lead to bone loss, and eventually, you will lose your tooth. Also, deep pockets can get formed between the teeth and gums, which houses lots of bacteria. Bacteria can travel through your bloodstream and can infect different parts of the body.

It would be best if you schedule your periodontal maintenance every three to four months or as directed by Dr. Aldorri. Many cases are different. The frequent removal of bacteria from under the gum line ensures healthy dental conditions. So, in other words, it can be said that the maintenance cleaning is a preventative measure to save your teeth from complex periodontal problems. Call our office to schedule your appointment today.


What are the benefits of Periodontal Maintenance Cleanings?

There are several benefits that this deep cleaning treatment offers to you:

  • It helps in tartar removal which if left untreated can lead to severe periodontal problems.

  • The treatment helps in removing stains and makes your teeth pearly white. This means, you will be able to smile with confidence and the procedure will improve your overall face aesthetics.


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